Moto X ships to US carriers today, set to release a week after launch


According to a post by Taylor Wimberly on Google+, the Moto X will ship to US carriers today, as Motorola prepares to launch the smartphone next week after the reveal on August 1.

This would be the same strategy Google used for the Nexus 7 launch, by releasing it a week later it keeps user interest and shipping early to the carriers means they may be able to avoid possible stock shortages, like they had with the Nexus 4.

We believe the Moto X will come in two colours for carriers and the customisation will only be available through the Google Play store or some website Motorola set up for the Moto X customisation guide. We believe Motorola will launch this at the Moto X event and detail how it can be processed, to gain more custom buyers.

All four carriers have the Moto X and will sell it on contract, even though new rumours say the smartphone will only cost a swift $300 off contract. Like the Nexus 4, Google and Motorola have sacrificed some top-end features for a price decrease.

The Moto X is set to come with very impressive natural language features and sensors with the ability to understand where you are and change the phone setting accordingly.

We believe Google has went hard on Motorola to create a great device, it is unlikely the Moto X will come with Motorola’s standard skinning process, instead running a complete stock Android experience. Google has definitely been the head honcho and with a $500 million advertising campaign, it may be the big push onto their own mobile OS.

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