Moto X rumored to feature ClearPixel Camera and pure Android experience

A new batch of rumors about the hotly-anticipated Motorola Moto X smartphone claims that the device will pack a ClearPixel camera which will support gesture controls, and offer a pure Android experience. The information comes from Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberley, who also previously provided leaked details about the same device.


ClearPixel Camera

ClearPixel sounds similar to UltraPixel, the name given by HTC to its camera which comes with an enhanced CMOS sensor, an improved optical light system, Optical Image Stabilization, and a maximum aperture of F/2.0. Thus, ClearPixel may be Motorola’s way of drawing attention to the camera enhancements that it introduced on the Moto X, as well as position it better against HTC smartphones.

According to Wimberley, the ClearPixel camera pertains to a camera that captures plenty of details and minimizes dark and blurred photos. Unfortunately, no other details beyond this were divulged, so we have no clues as to what Motorola means by the purported support for gesture controls.

Pure Android experience

The second part of the leak implies that the Moto X will have stock or near-stock Android OS, a rumor which had been circulating for some time. This comes as no surprise, since Google now owns Motorola, and this is the first product after Google purchased the company.

Nonetheless, it is speculated that while the Moto X will run a pure Android experience, the smartphone will not be a Nexus device. This is because Google continues to separate its line of Nexus handsets and the Motorola smartphones.

What is exciting, however, is that the Moto X will have a fast upgrade cycle, according to Wimberley’s source.

Impending release?

Notwithstanding the flood of rumors that have been arriving lately regarding the Moto X, as well as the print ad that Motorola published, recent reports claim that Motorola will not be unveiling the handset on July 11. On Wimberley’s Google+ page, he speculates that the Google Event this week could be for the release of Android 4.3. Meanwhile, the Moto X could be launched in the coming month.

via taylor wimberley, androidauthority