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Moto X Rumor Roundup

The much-awaited Moto X will be unveiled in just a couple of days. However, if you have been following the leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming smartphone, you would have a pretty clear idea of what to expect by now. Of course, if you haven’t been doing so, there is still time to catch up. Here is our Moto X rumor roundup, compiled from various sources and organized into a single file for easy reference.

Moto X Rumor Roundup
Moto X Rumor Roundup

Moto X Specifications

First, we have the latest list of specifications. Such list shows the processor, GPU, RAM, internal memory, display, rear and front camera, connectivity options, operating system, battery, and microphones that will supposedly be on board the Moto X. Plenty of speculations have suggested that these specifications may not be as impressive as those offered by the flagship devices of other companies. This is purportedly because Google and Motorola chose to focus on the features, and not the specifications, of the Moto X.

Moto X Smart Features

This list of smart features that the Moto X will have is also indicated in the same file. These smart features will provide the contextual awareness and gesture controls that Google and Motorola have hinted about.A previous article by Rodge gives in-depth details regarding these smart features.

Moto X Performance

Benchmark test results showing the performance of the Moto X have likewise been leaked. The two which have been made available are from 3DMark and AnTuTu

Moto X Price

The off-contract and subsidized prices of the Moto X have been leaked, as well. Two different sources claim that the 16GB version will cost $299 without a contract while the 32GB version will sell for $349. Subsidized, the 16GB version will be sold for $99 whereas the 32GB model will cost $150.

Moto X Design

Lastly, information on the customizable design, which Motorola had previously teased in a print ad earlier this month, is also included.

Although these pieces of information have been supported by different sources, such as the benchmark tests, FCC documents, and hints from insiders or Google officials, the real confirmation will have to come from Google and Motorola on August 1. Once and for all, we will know whether the Moto X will be the game changer that it promises to be, or simply another failed attempt at innovation.

Are you excited about the unveiling of the Moto X?

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