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Moto X Open Mic feature revealed, shown in video

The Moto X will reportedly come with a feature called Open Mic that will respond to voice commands even when the screen is turned off. Working in tandem with Google Now, Open Mic is said to be listening all the time to its user.

Such information has been leaked at Reddit, where a user called KronikBudz claims to have access to the device.


How does Open Mic work?

To use Open Mic, it is suggested that one has to say the phrase “OK Moto Magic,” then proceed with the voice command. One can use the feature to make calls or visit websites. Stefan Svartling also surmises that since the feature works with Google Now, such service’s commands will be supported, as well. Some of the commands supported by Google Now include mathematical calculations, notes and reminders, navigation, general queries, and of course, Google Easter Eggs.

Android Authority, however, points out that the Open Mic will only perform the command if one is not using a password or a PIN on the smartphone, in which case, the password or PIN would presumably have to be typed before the command is executed.

To give readers a preview of how Open Mic works, the same user uploaded a video of himself using the said feature on the Moto X. The smartphone is labelled “Not for sale,” and “Motorola confidential property,” like the other supposed leaked images. In the video, he blurred the smartphone’s serial number, perhaps just to be on the safe side.

Here is a link to the video on Vimeo if you want to see Open Mic in action.

Features over specifications

Svartling notes that the Open Mic feature is another reminder that Motorola and Google focused more on including interesting features on the Moto X, instead of using premium internal hardware to entice consumers. This, according to Svartling, could be a clue that the smartphone will not be as pricey as other high-end models, but may be able to compete just the same with such expensive smartphones.

Other leaked information

Responding to various questions from Reddit users, KronikBudz gave some information on the Moto X that he has. He says that he has the AT&T GSM version of the Moto X, which sports a display measuring 4.7 inches, and under the hood, a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 x2 processor, 2 GB DDR RAM, and Adreno 320 GPU.

Meanwhile, another leak came out today concerning the camera of the Moto X. Please click here if you missed it.

via reddit, androidauthority, svartling

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