Moto X may be customized with wood, plastic, fabric, metal rear plate



Consumers may be able to customize the material of the rear plate of the Moto X with a wide array of options, such as fabric, wood, ceramics, and metal. The rumor comes from Taylor Wimberly of Android Community, who has provided plenty of leaks concerning the Moto X within the past few weeks. Like before, Wimberly shared the information through his Google+ page.

Wimberly reveals that the default material of the back plate would be plastic, but after the device is launched on August 23rd, the abovementioned materials will be made available.

Google and Motorola appear to be going all-out with the customization of the Moto X. Earlier, it was rumored that the internal hardware, preloaded apps, and the color of the smartphone may be selected by the consumer prior to ordering. However, it was later revealed that consumers will not be permitted to choose the hardware components. Now, it is becoming clearer that what Google and Motorola had in mind when they said that users will be able to design their handset was that they would be given control over its aesthetics.

Already, some of the colored rear plates had been allegedly photographed and leaked online. The photo showed blue, pink, green, and purple rear plates. There was also speculation that there will be 20 color options for the upcoming handset. Wimberly’s new information, however, suggests that Google and Motorola had loftier ambitions. It makes more sense now why the two companies are willing to shell out $500 million to advertise and market the smartphone.

Just today, photos of Google chairman Eric Schmidt were released, using what is believed to be the Moto X. The smartphone that Schmidt was using in the photos had a white back plate with a textured pattern, which seems to be different from the matte black rear plate spotted in a purported photo of the Moto X that was leaked some time ago. Wimberly’s information, if correct, may provide an explanation why the two rear plates appeared different.

Are these leaks getting you more excited about the Moto X?

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