Moto X Introduces a Ton of New Smart Features Including Phone Tracking and Phone Migration

Motorola’s next flagship smartphone and Google’s own baby, the Moto X, has not been officially announced yet but it is already dominating news and blog sites as most of us expect something completely new.  We already know the processor the Moto X will be coming with, we have seen the phone’s leaked dull boot animation, and we even have a hint on the pricing.  Most of the Moto X specs have been leaked, you can read about them here.

Moto X Render

Today, we get to know of a ton of new features that the Moto X brings.  These features are real and were extracted by the folks at Android Police.  Here are some of the great features you can expect if you are planning to buy the Moto X.


Active Display and Active Notifications

Moto X Active Display Notifications

This feature was revealed when Motorola revealed the new line of Motorola Droids.  The active displays and notifications make full use of the high definition AMOLED display of the new phones and involve lighting up screen pixels to display notifications while all the other pixels are off to conserve the phone’s battery.  With the sensors the phone has, it will be able to detect when it is in the pocket, in a call or on a surface face down, in which case the notification pixels will not light up.  Users will have the option to configure the display notification to turn or stay off during the night.  This feature also comes with configurable gestures to unlock the device, clear notifications and to expand current notifications.


Motorola Migrate

What can be more painful than losing all your messages, call records, have to copy your contacts manually, and re-install applications one by one from the Play Store when you ditch your current smartphone for a new one.  Motorola Migrate is an amazing feature to simplify this process and transfer your messages, call history, media, some settings and phone and SIM contacts.  For this to work, a Motorola Migrate application will need to be installed on the old device as well.


Touchless controls

Moto X Touchless Control

Samsung introduced gesture controls with the launch of its current flagship smartphone the S4 but Motorola is taking touchless controls to a whole new level.  This feature, also found in the new line of Motorola Droids exclusive to Verizon, lets the user control the device using voice commands.  The hot word is ‘OK Google Now’ but this should be customizable as the feature learns the user’s voice.


Phone tracking

Moto X Phone Tracking

Samsung was among the first companies to work on a feature that would make it easy and possible for users to track and possibly recover stolen handsets.  This new feature helps users track stolen or lost phones using their Google accounts and web portals.


Motorola Connect

Android smartphone and chrome desktop integration gets a little more boost with the Motorola Connect, a tool that lets users send and receive messages from a desktop computer and even get messages and call notifications.


Motorola Assist

Moto X Assist

An improved ‘Smart Actions’ tool, the Motorola assist helps users automatically switches phone settings based on various parameters.  The pre-set features include driving mode, silent mode, night mode and normal among others.  The Motorola Assist has an interface almost similar to that of Google Now and combined with Active Notifications, they make Moto X’s ‘Contextual Awareness’ features you may have heard about in previous rumors.

What do you think of these new features?  Could they influence you to buy the Moto X?  Do you think they are as revolutionary as hyped or are they just a stepping stone into better features by other manufacturers?  Share your thoughts with us on the comments section.

Courtesy of Android Police