Moto X could go on sale August 1


The Moto X will be revealed in two days and Motorola is turning all their attention to the new flagship product, set to be the first real connection between Motorola and its parent company Google.

Google may bring in the successful tactic of the Chromecast and as soon as the Moto X is revealed it will launch on the Google Play or Motorola store, along with all the customisable versions of the smartphone.

This would be a clever move by Motorola and Google, to keep the hype train rolling straight off the back of the event. The Chromecast has sold out on Amazon, Best Buy and other stores and we believe this was something to do with the big push by Google to get the media player on the shelves straight away.

If this rumour is true, the Moto X will have already been shipped to carriers. With all the customisations, we wonder if there will be any exclusive carrier choices, like red for Verizon, pink for T-Mobile, or if all four will just stick to white and black.

We have heard the Moto X will be much cheaper than any flagship currently out, but the phone does have less top-tier specs. The Moto X will come with a dual-core processor and 720p display, same as the three new Droid smartphones released by Verizon and Motorola.

Source: Android & Me

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