More Galaxy S4 S Beam Problems and Solutions

Galaxy S4 S Beam

Last time, we have discussed about the possible causes of the sharing problems concerning the Galaxy S4 S Beam together with their possible solutions. In this article, we will cover more problems concerning that particular feature of the Galaxy S4 like not being able to open the shared file and not being able to initiate another transfer when the first attempt has been unsuccessful.

Why a Transferred File Through Galaxy S4 S Beam Cannot Be Opened

If you cannot open a file despite a successful transfer, the possible reasons for the problem are there might be a glitch during the transfer that corrupted the file or it might require a third party app to work.

For the first case, just delete the corrupted file that was transferred and have the file sent again to you. For the other issue, a way to solve this is by downloading the third party app that is needed to open the file. You will also encounter a prompt that will ask you to do this if the phone detects that another app is needed for the file to open.

Galaxy S4 S Beam Sharing Won’t Initiate Again After Unsuccessful Attempt

If the file transfer did not push through the first time around due to some reasons and trying it again won’t work. A solution for this is by clearing your cache or by clearing your RAM. Try to toggle the S Beam app switch or restart your phone as well if the first method proves ineffective.

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