MoDaCo Switch allows HTC One users to get vanilla Android


MoDaCo Switch is a new app just out of a private testing, allowing users to quickly switch between various ROMs on an Android device. Right now the app only supports one phone, the HTC One. It allows users to switch between Sense 5 and vanilla Android at the touch of a button.

This app is not for the novice Android user and even people who understand ROMs and Android hacks should maybe take a read of the instructions before diving in. Once the change is successful however, the switching back and fourth is smooth and allows the user access to vanilla Android with all of Google’s services and thought.

With the move for more vanilla Android on the platform, we can see this being a big hitter. The HTC One has been praised almost universally for its incredible build quality, display and low-light camera, but some question Sense 5 as they do with TouchWiz and other Android skins.

To have an option switching between vanilla and what the manufacturer wants is the most uplifting thing to happen on Android for a while. We just hope MoDaCo Switch can be used on other smartphones in the near future, especially some of the more jargon and weird skins.

Source: Android Central