Mercedes-Benz looking to integrate Google Glass to GPS experience


GPS has become a simple tool and in many cases a free tool, allowing drivers to navigate from one place to another through artificial intelligence directing them every step of the way. Smartphones, tablets and even in-build software on cars have GPS now and Google, Waze, Nokia and others offer free navigation services to get the driver from A to B.

Mercedes-Benz, the German car manufacturer, is prepared to try and integrate the GPS experience further with Google Glass. Drive Kit Plus is already available for use, but Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America want to add Google Glass into the compatible devices and allow users to take the end walking steps using Google Glass.

Currently, most devices do not save details and the user has to sign-in and input navigation two or three times. The user first checks on a laptop the directions, to figure it out, then gets into the car and activates the GPS and then if they need to walk the rest of the way they may activate the phone GPS.

Since all these devices aren’t robustly connected, the user will have to enter the same place three different times. Mercedes wants to change that and make sure the user only inputs the place once and it syncs with the mobile, car and Google Glass.

Google has worked on this and syncing through devices is becoming better, although sometimes the Google Maps service can flop when swapping from an Android device to a Windows laptop. Even though Drive Kit Plus costs around $600, it is said to offer a much more integrated service.

Source: Business Journal

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