MediaTek announces first true octo-core processor


The octo-core processor has been thrown about quite a bit this past year, with Samsung “revealing” the Exynos 5, which turned out to be two quad-core processors working on the same smartphone and not a true octo-core processor.

Motorola took a dip into the octo-core world, but this time it wasn’t actually a processor, but an X8 chip with four graphics cores, one contextual computing core and one natural language core, but with only two actual application cores.

MediaTek has revealed the first true octo-core processor that will run eight cores at the same time at the same speed. Every time manufacturers have tried this so far, they have hit a dead end or have needed to step back a little, even Qualcomm has yet to break the barrier.

One of the main factors to be taken into account when making an octo-core processor is overheating, apparently MediaTek has created a chip cool enough to not overheat a device. Battery life is another concern, but processors are currently not the biggest battery drainers, with displays swooping in a good 60% of the battery consumption.

MediaTek has never been a high-end supplier of mobile processors, but this may be a new foot in the door to boost profits. Early indications seem to suggest MediaTek is losing revenue and has not made a profit in 2013, this may be a way to start the business rolling again, given Qualcomm’s success in the field.

However, octo-core technology is questionable and while the mobile industry is pushing forward with new advances, eight cores in a smartphone may be irrelevant right now. Power hungry Android users may want the tech now, but applications will need to support the new processor to actually take advantage of it and the process takes time, something developers don’t seem to get.

Source: Android Authority

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