Locket app pays users for adding ads on their lockscreen


If you’re not too fond of ads being thrown at you all the time, this might change your mind. A new app called Locket, pays users to display ads on the lockscreen of their smartphone. Every time a user unlocks the smartphone, 1 cent is credited to their account. This can be done only thrice in an hour though. So you stand to make about 50-60 cents per day at max. This is still not bad considering that you only have to bear through a few ads on your lockscreen.

Locket is currently being tested out in the U.S as a Beta so it isn’t available elsewhere, but we can’t rule out future plans to make it available globally. It seems like the idea of ads could be changed with apps like these which rewards the consumer for seeing ads.

Users will be given $1 for each friend they refer to this app, so you can start counting your friends list right now. This is the sort of app which will attract almost everybody. So we won’t be surprised if this crosses hundreds of thousands of downloads in no time.

Here’s what the developers of Locket had to say – “What we’re trying to do is change the perception people have towards ads. On mobile, ads suck right now. Our ads are different because they’re beautiful and they actually reward you for your glances. We hope users will like it

Download the app from the Play Store (U.S only)

Via: Tech Crunch