Limited edition white Nexus 4 has completely sold out


The white Nexus 4 was never meant to be a viable option for all users, it was a limited edition choice for those that were craving a new colour style on the Nexus 4, after months of black.

LG and Google have had major supply problems with the Nexus 4 and for the first few months it was like an auction to try and purchase one on the Google Play Store, with thousands jumping the moment Google announced they were back in stock.

They have got this under control now, but many suspected they may tip at the release of the white Nexus 4, but it seems there has been a gradual sellout of the white version, kept in stock for about a month before the ‘sold out’ sign was flung by Google.

This is not the end for the 16GB white Nexus 4 version however, people who still want to buy the phone may find it on alternative websites like T-Mobile or eBay if someone is sick of the device.

The 8GB model has been sold out for quite some time and it seems Google hit a strike of luck with the pricing on the Nexus 4, we believe they have sold an incredible amount of phones, despite huge setbacks.

Via: Cult of Android

Source: Google Play

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