LG reports 12.1 million smartphones sales in Q2


LG has announced its sales and revenue for Q2 2013, the company has been having a good run on success for the past year, moving into the US and European markets and broadening its knowledge of mobile software with the acquisition of webOS.

The company reported revenues of $2.78 billion, a big 34% increase year-on-year for South Korean giant. We must remember LG ships more than phones and their main areas are TVs and appliances, even though both of these markets have been shrinking.

LG has also reported 12.1 million smartphones sales this year, a far cry from the 70 million Samsung announced this quarter, but still a good jump for the company and one we will see growing as more LG smartphones fill shops.

The company gained $54.37 million profit, a little lower than previous quarters, LG attributed this to the fact there was weaker demand in the South Korean market now.

LG hopes the L-series and F-series will fill the market with low to mid-tier devices, competing directly against Samsung, ZTE and Sony, who all have big stakes in places worldwide.

They also hope the LG G2 will be a success and increase the company’s product competitiveness. The LG G2 is set to be the first smartphone to come with Snapdragon 800 chip and 3GB of RAM, it will also apparently come with Android 4.3, likely to be released today.

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