LG announces partnership with MediaTek to develop tri-SIM phones


Even though the concept of dual-SIM smartphones may be foreign to phone users in the US and Europe, it is being used regularly in India and other Asian countries, as a way to cut down the phone bill and have more than one contract running at the same time.

LG has announced a partnership with MediaTek, a Taiwanese chip maker powering numerous low-end Android smartphones. They will work together to produce the first tri-SIM smartphone.

The partnership is likely to be irrelevant to carriers in the Western world, as dual-SIM smartphones hardly ever get shipped to the US and Europe. This will be a big hitter in Asia though and we believe Samsung and other manufacturers will be quick to adopt the tri-SIM technology.

With LG taking the leadership move alongside MediaTek, they may be able to refine the technology feature before Samsung gets into the business, although the two South Korean giants are likely to both be working on tri-SIM technology as we speak.

LG has a successful business in South Korea and other Asian countries, with the company sometimes only shipping to Asia and keeping the US and Europe in the dark. We have seen some smartphones from LG be delayed for months on US release.

Source: Talk Android

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