Latest Cyanogen Mod 10.1 update fixes the ‘Master Key’ glitch


We recently spoke of the undiscovered Android exploit which left over 900 million or 99% of all the Android users vulnerable. This was also infamously known as the ‘Master Key’ exploit. But Google has already changed permissions for apps and blocked out all the Play Store apps which leave the devices vulnerable. And the folks at Cyanogen Mod have now followed suit with an update to the popular custom ROM.

After rolling out a 10.1.1 update, the developers sent out a 10.1.2 update earlier today which has supposedly dealt with all the bugs. I must say, it’s really pleasing to see the developers rolling out a fix this early. Users on Cyanogen Mod receive an update notification like a regular version of Android, which makes it easier for users to update accordingly.

Here’s the official changelog:

  • Bug 8219321 aka “MasterKey” exploit (also patched in CM 7 and CM 9 source)
  • CVE-2013-2094 (Linux kernel exploit)
  • CVE-2013-2596 (Qualcomm-specific exploit)
  • CVE-2013-2597 (Qualcomm-specific exploit)
  • General device bug-fixes

If you haven’t set for an auto-update, you can download the new update from here.

Source: Cyanogen Mod Blog

Via: Phone Arena

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