Galaxy S4 Email Question: Can I setup separate icons for different email account?

Is it possible to have separate icons for different email accounts on Galaxy S4 while using only one client?

Majority of smartphone owners have at least two email accounts that they actively use. More often they create an email account to be used for social media purposes while their primary email remains private. There have been a lot of Galaxy S4 owners who were asking if it is possible to create different icons on the home screen that would serve as a shortcut to individual email account.

We’ve already seen this capability on select Android phones running Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. While Jelly Bean is an ICS in its core, there seems to be no phones running on the latest software that is capable of this.

For you to be able to understand better, here is a couple of emails we received from our readers related to this issue:

I see this question posted a lot, but never an actual answer. Is there any way to set up separate email icons on the Samsung Galaxy S4? I use three different Yahoo email accounts and would like to have three separate icons for them on my home screen. I do not want to use the Yahoo Mobile App since it will delete the emails off the server and I don’t want it to do that. Is there a way to create three different folders/icons for my three Yahoo email accounts? Thanks in advance.

Here’s another one:

I have four different email accounts. I wanted to set them up on the home screen on my Galaxy S4 with each account having four separate icons so each time I launch the other one, I would be brought to a separate folder / inbox where I could read emails sent to that specific address. I was able to do this with my old phone (a couple of years old already, which was broken 3 months ago) and I’m wondering if there is a way to do this with my newer, more powerful smartphone. Is it even possible?

The most recent updates rolled out for the Galaxy S4 does not support this capability and no one knows if Samsung, or the carriers carrying the device, would roll out an update to support it.

During Gingerbread times, about a couple of years ago, there were models that would allow users to create icons on the home screen that would display emails of a specific account. What users need to do was to long-touch on any home screen and choose Shortcuts. The stock email app was one of the options so users would have to choose that. After doing this, a list of email accounts would be displayed (depending on the number of accounts set up on the phone) and they would just have to choose which account they want to place on the home screen.

I tried doing the same thing on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 but only the email account that was first setup on the phone would appear. So basically, the function is not supported, although I’m not sure if there are custom ROMs available that carries this functionality.

So, the answer to the question is NO. It’s not possible, at least, for now.

I spent hours on Google Play Store finding email clients that may offer this function to no avail; all email apps basically offer the same service even the Gmail.

The workaround is to install four different email clients or apps and setup different email account on each one of them. That way, you could choose which app to launch when you want to check your messages from a specific account.

We may not have explore all possibilities, so if you know something that could provide a better workaround for this issue and want to tell others about it, email us at [email protected]. Likewise, if you have problems with your Android phone our mailbox is open for you. Just be detailed as much as possible so we would know how to help you better.


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