HTC One’s MoDaCo Switch May Come To Galaxy S4

There are currently two versions available in the market today for the HTC One. One version runs on the Sense UI while the other version runs on Google’s stock version of Android. Previously the only way to experience both versions is to purchase two devices running on Sense and stock Android. Right now it can be done on just one device with the help of MoDaCo Switch.

modaco switch

A couple of weeks ago MoDaCo Switch was announced that allowed HTC One owners to easily switch between Sense UI and vanilla Android. The software is actually composed of two ROMs with a Switch app that allows for easy switching between versions. The best part of this is that apps and data are shared between the two versions making them easily accessible.

MoDaCo Switch has been in private testing for a couple of days now however Paul O’Brien, its creator, has released the beta 8 build for public testing. Installing the ROM requires a little bit of setup and even if you are experienced in flashing ROMs it’s best to check out the correct procedure at the MoDaCo support page so as to make sure that you don’t damage your device.

Since it is still in beta there are still a few bugs present. Right now MMS and call logs are not shared between the two ROMs however a fix is currently being tested by the team.

O’Brien is also planning to bring MoDaCo Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505). A funding campaign has been started over at Indiegogo to raise £1,000, with £770 already being pledged. Once it has been completed Samsung Galaxy s4 owners will be able to switch from the TouchWiz interface to stock Android easily. The money being raised will be used to fund test devices to develop the software.

A £3 pledge gives you early access to the MoDaCo Switch on your Galaxy S4. If you are feeling a bit generous then you can also opt to pledge £3000 which is described as “the full monty option”. This will allow you to have dinner with the entire team in London where you will be presented with a Samsung Galaxy S4 with MoDaCo Switch installed.

via modaco indiegogo