HTC One Mini availablity and price in UK


With HTC marketing first to the Asian markets, the HTC One Mini may take a little while to come to the US and we have just heard from different UK retailers and carriers on dates and prices.

Vodafone has said on Twitter they will be carrying the HTC One Mini and they can expect an August release, 02 has chimed in as well on Twitter, but they have just said it will be coming soon, with no indication on a date. EE, the only 4G network currently in the UK, said they will be carrying the phone but gave no solid dates.

Handtec and Carphone Warehouse will both sell the phone off contract, for £379.99 and £379.95 respectively. This is £110 less than the minis larger brother, the HTC One. Carphone Warehouse will stock the HTC One Mini on August 9 and is currently the only provider to actually give a solid date.

Phones4U will give £50 Google Play credit to all buyers who grab the phone on EE and £25 to all buyers on other contracts. We have no news from 3 and T-Mobile and Orange will probably supply the phone through the EE service, since it has 4G connectivity.

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