HTC One Google Play Edition Stock Recovery and Bootloader Now Available

Google Play editions of high end smartphone models are becoming quite popular in the market nowadays. They offer the pure Android experience devoid of any manufacturer modifications which consumers really like. This is the very reason that major Android manufacturers are releasing alternate versions of their flagship models.

The HTC One is one such device that has a Google Play edition available. If you have bought the original version but are interested to check out the Google Play version then you don’t have to spend a couple of hundred dollars just to buy Google Play edition of the HTC One. Thanks to the guys over at the xda developers’ forums you can now have a Google edition of the One by a software modification.

This was made possible since the bootloader and recovery files of the Google edition One was extracted. The procedure requires flashing of the said files into the original HTC One. This will convert it into a Google Play edition device. There are risks involved in this procedure and should only be done by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.

One advantage of having a pure Android experience on the One is that it will get all of the latest updates as soon as it becomes available, no more waiting for the carrier or the manufacturer to release the updates since it will come from Google. The downside to this is that the HTC Sense feature will no longer be available.

If you are interested in converting your device can check out how it is done over at the xda developers forum. The link is provided below.

via xda-developers

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