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HTC and Samsung currently reviewing Android 4.3 update plans


Just as Google begins to roll out the Android 4.3 update to eligible devices, manufacturers are looking at it with keen interest. According to UK based Tech Radar, Samsung and HTC have mentioned that they will review the Android 4.3 update process. However, both the companies refrained from giving out an exact time frame or the compatibility list. But it is known that all smartphones eligible for Android 4.2 should easily carry this new update as well.

It was recently rumored that Samsung is going to directly roll out the Android 4.3 update for its 2012 flagships by skipping over Android 4.2.2 altogether. Perhaps manufacturers like LG and HTC will follow the same procedure as it would save a lot of time.

Jeff Gordon from HTC said – “We’re reviewing Android 4.3 to see how this update fits into our plans“. While a Samsung UK had this to say – “Samsung UK will confirm upgrade plans to Android 4.3 to selected Galaxy devices in the coming months“. This means some more months of waiting to be on the latest version of Android for owners of HTC and Samsung flagships. Frankly, it is a little disappointing that no assurance was given by either company.

Source: Tech Radar

Via: Phone Arena

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