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How to Unroot Galaxy S4 in 10 Easy Steps

unroot galaxy s4
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The process to unroot Galaxy S4 is easy. This process will come in handy if you are having problems with your rooted device or you simply prefer the stock firmware of the device.

Here’s how to unroot Galaxy S4 in 10 easy steps:

1. Backup everything and delete all the files stored in your internal memory. Remove your SD card too just as a precaution because you might risk losing all your important data. Disable any Kies app from your Task Manager also because that might interrupt the process. Download Odin as well from this link or from other reliable sources.

2. Put the Galaxy S4 into Download Mode. You can do this by shutting down your phone. Then, hold the Power button and the Volume Down key altogether until you see a warning message. Hit the Volume Up button to confirm the action.

3. While the phone is in Download mode, connect it to your computer using its USB cable. Remember not to plug it in a USB hub because it will likely cause an error.

4. Download the stock firmware that corresponds to your device here or go to SamMobile website then proceed to the Firmware section. Type under the search bar the model of your Galaxy S4. Download the latest appropriate firmware there.

5. Unzip the downloaded file. You will see a file with the extension name “.tar.md5”.

6. Run Odin.

7. On the small rectangular boxes of Odin you should see the first one on the left most part highlighted in yellow. If not, install the needed drivers. You can acquire them here.

8. If you are already seeing the left most small rectangular box in yellow, hit the PDA button and open the “.tar.md5” file you downloaded earlier.

9. Click the Start button and wait.

10. Once you see the big square box on your Odin turn greet with a “Pass!” message, you just successfully unrooted your Galaxy S4. You will notice that your phone has been rebooted also.

If you are experiencing problems, you can watch the video here for the actual demo and for more information:

Reminder About Rooting or Unrooting Galaxy S4

Rooting or unrooting has the tendency to cause glitches or permanent damage to your system if not done properly. Thus, do this only at your own risk. The purpose of the article here is only to provide information on how unrooting is done for the Galaxy S4.

We at The Droid Guy do not guarantee the results shown by the source and we are not encouraging you to take these steps. It is a wise move to ask for the help of experts in this field before proceeding because some random glitches or errors may occur during the process.

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