How to Save Pictures From Facebook to Your Galaxy S3

Save Pictures From Facebook to Your Galaxy S3

Many users are asking why they cannot save pictures from websites or from Facebook using their Galaxy S3. If the long press method of saving pictures no longer works for you, a way to accomplish this is by downloading an app from Google Play.

Among them is the Photo Editor from Aviary. But there are many others in Google Play that you can use. The reason why I chose this app is because it is one of the most popular so far in the store that has garnered good reviews from users.

Here are the steps to save a picture from a website or Facebook to your Galaxy S3:

1. Get the Photo Editor by Aviary in the Google Play store.

2. Install the app to your phone.

3. Then, after the installation is complete, open your browser and locate the picture that you want to save. For example, in Facebook, just tap the image that you want to save so that it will be displayed in your screen.

4. Next, hit the Menu key.

5. Choose More from the options.

6. Select Share.

7. From there, tap the Aviary app.

8. Personalize the image if you wish by using the tools provided.

9. Click Done when finished which is located in the upper right corner of the window.

10. When a confirmation message appears, tap “Save Changes”. This means that the photo is now saved in your Galaxy S3.

11. To access the saved image from a website or Facebook, just tap the Gallery icon of your phone. You should see the image there.

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