How To Remote Wipe Android Devices

Remote Wipe Android Smartphone When Lost or Stolen

As smartphones become more powerful and offer tons of features they are becoming the dominant device that people rely on constantly. Information is easily accessible at the tip of your fingertips and can immediately be accessed anywhere. Problems arise when a smartphone is lost or stolen. What’s going to happen to your data? Other people accessing your phone book might not be that damaging but accessing your bank records, stored usernames and passwords are a different story. To make sure that your data is safe you can remote wipe your android device.

remote wipe android

The process of remotely wiping an Android device means that you will be resetting it to its default factory setting thus erasing any data that you may have stored in the device and even on the attached microSD. This  procedure is usually only possible if the device has an active data connection since you will be sending out a signal to it. The common way to do it is by accessing the remote wipe control panel from any browser, then send out the command.

Some mobile manufacturers are integrating the remote wipe feature in their Android devices. Sony for example has announced that they will be rolling out their “my Xperia service” which provides remote management to 2012 and 2013 Xperia devices. It gives owners the ability to remotely wipe the data on their device and even track its location if ever it is lost or stolen.

For Android devices that don’t have any remote wipe feature, owners can easily install an app that provides this functionality. Listed below are the top choices that are used on Android devices.

3CX Mobile Device Manager

Highly recommended application to manage your Android smartphone.  This app was developed to serve the corporate setting, so if the design is good enough for a fortune 500 company, then it should make you feel at ease to use on your personal phone.  The best part about this device is that since 3Cx is targeting the larger clients, they are willing to give away first five licenses for free per account.

Highlights for the Mobile Device Manager include:

  • Ability to find and track your phone
  • remote wipe Android (or iPhone)
  • Block suspicious apps
  • Monitor your device usage

If you are interested in a complete device manager, check out the app for free for up to five devices.

remote wipe android or iphone

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This is a security app available in free and paid version. The free version comes with limited functionality however it gives you a two week free trial to the premium version. The premium version allows you to track your android device if it gets lost and even wipe its data remotely. It also protects your device from viruses.


This is one of the best security apps available for the Android platform since it can work even if your device does not have any data connection. This is possible since it can send out a command via SMS. The SIM Checker feature even allows you to know if a new SIM is inserted in the device and will also show you the new number so you will be able to send out an SMS command.

This app allows you to track and locate your device and even wipe out all data on it. There’s a free two week period to use this app then you’ll have to upgrade by making a one-time payment to get a lifetime license.


This is a free mobile security app that provides has an anti-theft and anti-virus feature. You will be able to track your device and control it remotely using the web or through SMS. It also has a remote wipe functionality which you can easily activate.

Losing a smartphone is difficult. It’s best for you to be prepared for this kind of scenario by having a remote wipe feature on your device.