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How to Connect Galaxy S3 to TV to Watch Videos?

Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV

The way to connect Galaxy S3 to TV is easy. But first, make sure that your TV has a HDMI port. Then, you should have the Galaxy S3 HDTV adapter from Samsung if you are using HDTV but for other TV, you can just use the standard MHL adapter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter Vs. Standard MHL Adapter

However, many users say that the standard MHL adapter does not work for them. So, it might be a good idea to stick with Samsung’s HDTV adapter for the Galaxy S3. Also, the one from Samsung is configured to work perfectly with the phone, so perhaps you should just stick with this product.

The Steps to Connect Galaxy S3 to TV In Order to Watch Videos

Now, to connect the Galaxy S3 to TV in order for you to watch the movies stored in your phone, just follow these simple steps provided by the Inside Galaxy site:

1. Plug the cable of the Samsung HDTV adapter to your Galaxy S3.

2. Link the adapter to the TV using a regular HDMI cable.

3. Connect the power cable of your phone to the adapter.

4. Plug the adapter to a power outlet.

5. After you’re done, the screen of your TV will show the same contents found in the screen of the Galaxy S3. The audio of the phone will be routed to the TV too. However, some TVs will not automatically do this. So, what you should do is set the video source to the HDMI port of your TV.

That’s it, you can now view pictures and videos from your Galaxy S3 to your TV. If you are feeling a little hardcore, you can read your text messages from there as well. Just do not go accidentally touching the screen with hopes that you can compose your messages there. The controls will still remain with your Galaxy S3.

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