How to Add Words in the Nexus 4 Dictionary

nexus 4 adding words in dictionary

The Nexus 4 is a popular device with Android fans worldwide. So far, it has been labeled as Google’s “best smartphone” (although this distinction will apparently come to an end once the Nexus 5 comes out).

When communicating through text using non-English words, you might be annoyed whenever the auto correct function of the phone pops out and replaces your word.

Adding Words in the Nexus 4 Dictionary

Here are some tips on how you can add words to the dictionary of your Nexus 4 smartphone:

One way to go around this problem is by adding the non-English words that you are frequently using to your Nexus 4 dictionary said a member of the XDA Developers forum. This is through the Language and Input settings of the phone.

According to the same source, you can do this also while texting using the messaging app of the Nexus 4. While texting and your phone encounters a word that it is not familiar with, some words will appear in the suggestion bar. The words recognized by your dictionary will be on the opposite sides of the bar. All you have to do is tap the middle word in the bar which is the one you are using. You will be prompted to “tap word again to add to dictionary” to include the non-English word in your dictionary.

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