HBO Go will be coming to the Chromecast


HBO has announced they are actively exploring the Chromecast, but have yet to give a date on when the HBO Go app will be coming to the media streaming dongle.

The Chromecast was released last week and already both the media and consumers have been parading it as one of the biggest achievements for Google in the TV and media streaming space. Sales have been excellent, with Google having to kill the Netflix free three months offering due to high demand.

With this huge investment by both consumers and media, Pandora, Vimeo, RedBox Instant and HBO Go will apparently all be coming to the Chromecast soon, with added support on all platforms.

HBO Go was originally spotted by a hacker who gained entry to the Chromecast, finding some details of HBO on the media streamer. While the app is still not verified as a compatible player, HBO will start to add the Chromecast SDK onto their apps.

While Vimeo, Pandora and RedBox Instant will bring lots of new content to the Chromecast, we are still missing out on many shows. We wonder how long it will be till Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime and other media hubs support the Chromecast.

HBO Go is definitely the biggest news so far, offering around 1,400 different shows, it has a big connection to cable. This means users who want to get rid of their cable TV will not be able to use HBO Go, as it is a premium add on for cable users.

Of course, if you are already a subscriber to any of these channels you can use the Chromecast button on Chrome for Windows or Mac, to send the programs to the TV. This is still in beta however and we advise making sure you have a strong WiFi connection.

Source: Variety