Have a look at Motorola’s first ad for the Moto X


Believe it or not, it’s finally true. Motorola has finally confirmed the Moto X smartphone with this ad, which has leaked prematurely before it goes live tomorrow. Not only does it confirm the smartphone, but also tells us what to expect. The ad will certainly invoke patriotism in Americans, and it seems like the company timed it well in line with the 4th of July celebrations.

The ad has made it pretty clear that the smartphone will be made in the USA and that the users will have the freedom to design the smartphone themselves, although we’re not sure if they mean literally.

It’s a pretty large poster meant for newspapers, so expect to see this early tomorrow. Ad Age suggests that this ad can be spotted on the 3rd of July on newspapers like the USA Today, Washington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Google perhaps might not have to look towards LG or Samsung to produce Nexus smartphones when they have a manufacturer right in their backyard. It will be interesting to see if the Moto X will change Motorola’s fate in the smartphone industry.

Via: Ad Age

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