Greenify puts unused apps into hibernation to save battery juice

An app called Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone promises to make your phone work as fast as it did when it was still new, as well as save precious battery juice. It does this by letting the user identify unused apps. Then, it sends these apps into hibernation mode to prevent them from consuming battery life. While Greenify is running, users are provided with a list of the apps that have been put into hibernation, the apps that are running, and those which will eventually be put into hibernation after they had been used.


There are several important caveats, however. Possibly the most important is this: Greenify requires that an Android phone be rooted before it can work, so this is definitely not an app for everyone with an Android device. According to its Google Play description page, the version of Android that is needed also varies from one device to another. Likewise, Greenify needs a background-persistent Cleaner service. It is also worth knowing the background functions that an app needs, since these functions will be unusable when the app is put into hibernation. Greenify specifies the following: persistent background services, broadcast receivers, alarms, widget updates, and push messages. The developer cautions users to avoid using the app on alarm clock and instant messaging apps, unless these are never really used.

As a battery-saving app, Greenify sets itself apart from the other ones that are available in the market, such as Autostarts, App Quarantine, the task killers from various developers, and the Freeze feature in TitaniumBackup Pro. According to the description, Greenify works in a different manner. For one, even if an app has been sent into hibernation mode, a consumer can easily open it again as if it never placed in such state. The app eliminates some of the problems associated with freezing and defreezing apps, manual disabling, and diminished app functionalities.

Greenify is developed by Oasis Feng, a member of the xda-developers forum, who also has another app called Bytes Insight on Google Play.

There are two versions of Greenify which may be downloaded: a free version and a donation version, which asks for a $3 payment. Greenify is available via the Google Play Store as well as Oasis Feng’s website.

via lifehacker