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Google Working on an Android App to Control a PC Through Chrome

One of the best things about a modern Android phone is that it has so many features and capabilities such that it easily integrates with most other home electronics.  For instance, you can use your Android phone to control your TV.  Now, imagine if you can use your phone to control your computer?  Google knows just how many people would love to control their computers remotely using their phones and they are working on an app for that.


Some time ago, Google demonstrated a new Chrome remote desktop application that enables users to take control of a computer or to hand over the control to someone remotely, for instance when they need help with something.  Since chrome and Android are now under one management after a merger back in March, it shouldn’t have been too difficult for the team to port the application to Android.

This information comes from François Beaufort, a Google Chromium evangelist, who dug the open source code of Chromium and posted an image a screenshot of the installed application on his Android device on his Google+ page.  François posted ‘the chromium team has just started to build a Chromoting Android app’ showing that the app could be available for testing soon.

The app is still in development and is now capable of only a fraction of the tasks including authenticating a Google account on the Android phone, establishing peer-to-peer channels to communicate with the host service, connecting and communication with the service over XMPP/ICE and querying and displaying the host list on the Chromoting directory server.

As of now, the application can only connect with the remote server but it cannot take any user input nor show the host desktop.  This means the app is currently useless, but it is great to know that Google is actually working on such a tool.  This device is expected to work on most Android devices including smartphones and tablets but its size could mean it is better suited for tablets.

We will wait and see how it develops.

Sources: François Beaufort on Google+ via Android Headlines 

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