Google will discontinue Latitude from August 9


Google has made it clear with the latest Maps update that the Latitude service will be shut down beyond August 9. While there’s no mention of this in the update change log, the Maps for Mobile (About Latitude) page has given out the news.

Google even published a blog post after the Maps update to slip the news in. Google+ is quickly becoming the source for all your location based updates, which possibly explains the demise of Latitude. The company did something similar with Google Reader, as part of its spring cleanup despite featuring a large user base.

But considering that most Latitude users are already on Google+, this should hurt a bit less. It’s certainly a big decision to shut it down, and some are even lauding Google for the move. Google+ for Android already has check-ins and location based sharing built right into it, with the iOS app slated to receive the feature soon. This should perhaps make the transition smoother.

Via: Android Police