Google unveils Chromecast, the second shot in TV


Chromecast is the new way for users to connect their phone, tablet or laptop to the TV simply. Google revealed the 2-inch dongle, when plugged into the TVs HDMI port, it connects to the home WiFi and from there users can “cast” programs on YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies and music from Google Play Music and Pandora onto the TV.

This is not a mirroring program either, once the user has cast a program, it will automatically send it to the cloud, YouTube will then stream it to the TV. If the phone, tablet or laptop goes into sleep mode, it will continue to stream all the content the user has already selected to be streamed.

Google will not keep this for Android devices only, with YouTube for iOS working with the casting feature. Chrome on Windows and Mac will work too and users can take web pages and cast them to the TV. This means if a user is watching Lord of the Rings on the browser, they could cast it to the TV for better surround sound.

Chromecast is Google’s second attempt with the TV service, with the Nexus Q getting thrown in the trash alongside Google Reader. We do believe they have a big chance this time however, for $35, anyone can pick up the dongle, provided they are in the US.

Google has said they will work with partners to get more apps onto Chromecast. Google offers a Google Cast SDK out, developers can add this to their app and we do not believe it is just for Android, we are likely to see iOS, Chrome and maybe even Mac and Windows apps capable of using the SDK.