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Google Reader is Dead; But You can Still get Your Data Till July 15

Google reader is officially dead; If you were a fan, you should know this.  However, what you may no know is that your data is still available for download if you are one of the many users who chose to ignore Google’s warning that started over a month ago about the discontinuation of the reader.  Google is determined to make your transition to the many available readers as easy and painless as possible and one way is by making the data available for download for a limited time.

Google Reader

You have until noon July 15th PT to download a copy of your Google reader data through Google Takeout.  The company bade farewell to its Google reader users on July 1st after 8 years in an informative blog post you should definitely read.  Starting July 2nd, Google reader has been officially dead and all subscription data including starred items, notes and people or blogs followed will be deleted from Google’s servers on July 15th.  After this date, Google will not be able to recover any Google Reader data, so if you have anything important you have two weeks to get it.

Another move meant to ease transition to other readers in the market is Google’s provision of alternative readers including Feedly, NewsBlur, Flipboard, Reeder, Digg reader and The Old Reader.  There are many other Google Reader alternatives that have come up over the last month following Google’s announcement of their imminent discontinuation of the popular reader.  You can have a look at some of the best Google Reader alternatives in a list compiled by Joel here.

Which reader have you chosen to go for?  Let us know how you find it and whether you recommend it to other users orphaned by Google Reader in the comments section below.

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