Google Play Store ahead of iTunes AppStore in terms of app downloads

Play Store

According to a report published by App Annie on total app downloads in the second quarter (Q2), the Google Play Store secured 10% more downloads compared to the iTunes AppStore. However, the report also reveals that Apple still zoomed past Google when it came to in-app purchases. So we can concur that while the Google Play Store saw most of the downloads, it was Apple who actually managed to benefit financially and by a huge margin.

Most of the in-app purchases on iOS came from U.S and Japan, while on the Play Store, most of the paid purchases came from South Korea, U.S and Japan. In fact, these three countries make up for over 70% of all in-app purchases made in the Play Store. This is exactly the reason why app developers find iOS more lucrative compared to Android or Windows Phone. It is also well known that returns are much higher for an iOS app compared to an Android app.

It is interesting to point out that over 70% of the iOS app revenue came from games. The platform has some exclusive titles like Infinity Blade II which are raking in big money for the developers as well as Apple. So it would make sense for Google to look into these aspects rather seriously and perhaps work out deals with app developers to bring in some exclusive content for the platform.

Source: App Annie

Via: Phone Arena