Google Nexus 4 Problems with Contacts & People Apps, Workarounds Provided

google nexus 4 problems

The Google Nexus 4 is one of the most acclaimed Android smartphones in 2012 not just because of its design and specs but also because it has proven itself to be more stable than others. However, it also has some problems of its own and one of them is the issue with contacts.

After opening our mailbox to problems of our readers, we received thousands of emails with different problems. I have been digging the old email messages and I was able to find a trend from the problems reported by Nexus 4 owners. Many of them were having problems with Contacts and People apps. Here are six different email messages stating almost similar problems. I also included a workaround for every problem.

Identical Names

Question: Hi, I have two contacts with exactly the same first and last names with, of course, different numbers. They also represent different organizations. So, my problem is, how could make organization names to show so I can tell at first glance who I am calling? If I can’t make their organization to show, what other options do I have so I can easily tell who’s who?

Answer: On Nexus 4, you can’t make organizations to show but as far as differentiating between the two contacts is concerned, try to include their middle initials so there is a single letter that differentiates them. Or, you can their full names on the First Name field and enter their organization on the Last Name field if you really wish to show the company they are currently affiliated with. Another workaround is to use a picture, perhaps a company logo to represent the contacts graphically.

Switch To Existing Contact

Question: Whenever I enter new contact on the People app and if Android finds an existing name, a message would pop up: “Do you want to switch to the existing contact?” If you choose Yes, you can no longer continue adding a phone number. Is this normal?

Answer: Yeah, I guess it’s normal and I think it’s a unique behavior to Google Nexus 4 as it doesn’t occur to other smartphones like the Galaxy S3 or LG Optimus. Well, I guess you’d have to choose ‘No’ next time so you can continue adding a phone number and not switch to a different contact.

Names & Phone Numbers

Question: I want that when I launch the People app, both the name and phone numbers would show but on Nexus 4, it doesn’t do that. Is there a way to change how the app displays the contacts? I want every contact to be displayed like when I use Direct Dial, which brings up a screen with name and phone number.

Answer: I think there is no way you can change how the People app would display contacts. Like any other phone, contacts are listed alphabetically by name and you have to tap on a contact to show the phone number. When you search for contacts, try to enter part of their name and when duplicates appear, I’m afraid you’ll have to tap on each one to know which one to call. The workaround on the first problem would surely work on this. You can either alter the last name with organization or add a photo to your contacts.

Contact Groups

Question: When I choose a contact group, the phone displays contacts in tiled view but then only names appear and no numbers. I want to display both the name and number so I can tell which contact to call.

Answer: The tiled view when you choose a group is meant to be visual. Naturally, phone numbers won’t show up. Only contact names with photos would show  up. To be able to differentiate one contact from the other, put a photo on every contact in your phone or try to be descriptive when entering a contact name—for example John Doe (Organization Name).

Merge Contacts

Question: I have contacts that only have email addresses and ones with only phone numbers. Basically, they are duplicates so I want to merge two contacts to one so the result would bear both the email address and the phone number. Is there a way to do this on Google Nexus 4?

Answer: Yes, there is a way to merge two contacts together on the Nexus 4.

  1. Find and tap on the first contact you want merged.
  2. Hit Menu => Edit
  3. Hit Menu again => Join
  4. Now choose the second contact you want merged with the first.

Custom Groups

Question: In Google Nexus 4, you have an option to associate a contact with a group when you first create it. I have a lot of custom groups and they were not displayed in alphabetical order making it difficult to find a specific group since I have to scroll the screen through and through.

Answer: Groups on Google Nexus 4 are displayed depending on the order they were created, not alphabetical. I do understand the hassle of finding a group when they were not sorted the way they should be. But I guess we’ll have to bear it for now considering there are no workarounds available to make this task a little easier.

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