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Google Maps Offline Feature Makes a Comeback with a Dedicated Button

Just yesterday, Google rolled out a Google maps update for Android devices – the first major update in a long time – that featured a new design tweaked for tablets and smartphones and a couple of other enhancements.  Today, Google rolled out another Google Maps update and brought back a feature that we thought they were going o discontinue – offline maps.  Many users had been outraged when Google’s update was missing the option to make maps available offline but the feature is now back – with a dedicated button!

Google Maps Offline

Google says that its engineering team has been working overtime to add the ‘Make this map area available offline’ tool for Android users.  This means that the maps made available offline can be accessed even without an internet connection.  This is a perfect feature for use in places where there is no network connection or a user would rather access the maps via Wi-Fi only and not use data while on the move.  The dedicated button now makes this feature easier to use.

Here is what Google posted on its Google+ page:

We’ve been happy to hear so many of you enjoying the interface and features of the new Google Maps app for Android, but we know some of you are missing an easy way to access maps offline. That’s why our engineering team has been working around the clock to add a “Make this map area available offline” card below the search box for easier access. And, if you still want some #thumbercise, typing “ok maps” will work too!

The new offline maps feature is nothing like the old one but it works.  It is just good to know that Google listens to its customers and can work fast to deliver a product or feature they ask for.  Being the most popular maps application running on Android, the most popular operating system running smartphones and tablets, Google Maps sure has many improvements but unfortunately the updates are not yet available in all regions.  As a matter of fact, the new changes are not even compatible with many devices.

In other news, Google has announced that it will be discontinuing the Latitude feature from August 9th that enables the sharing locations on Google Maps.  You can read about it here.

Source: Google Play via Android Headlines

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