Google launches Views, a community photo sphere sharing site


Google has launched a community based site called Views, it allows Android users to take photo sphere images and share them on the app, which connects directly with Google Maps.

Views has its own profile design for users and people can use Google+ to connect with different photo sharers. Users can either share directly from the Android device or from the web browser, but for the latter they will need to connect to their phone to access the photo spheres.

Users will still need an Android device with Jelly Bean 4.2 or above to use the Views app, as photo sphere only came on the Android 4.2 update. This means about 3% of the Android community will be able to use Views currently.

This new community app is likely to be an easier way for Google to collect and show incredible images of places. At Google I/O, the Maps team showed how a user could explore the Vatican inside, with the help of different photos by Google users.

With photo sphere, it just enhances the amount to be seen on one photo, the photo sphere allows the user to take panorama shots. We do not believe this app will be coming to iOS, although if Google sees it as a big hitter they may port it over.

Source: Google LatLong Blog

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