Google investment in chipmaker Himax shows close public launch of Google Glass


Google is getting the guns ready for a big launch of Google Glass, the augmented glasses currently being tested by ‘Explorers’ who were lucky enough to receive a pair. The latest hint at a public launch could be the investment in Himax, the Asian manufacturer who develops the display driver chips for Google Glass.

Mountain View bought a small 6.3% stake in the company, which will apparently fund Himax to continue making the chips. The funds will help the production of liquid crystal on silicon chips and modules, head-up displays and pico-projectors, all are big parts of the Google Glass headset.

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While Google Glass is a big risk and the price factor needs to be dropped down hugely for it to be affordable for everyone, we can see this being the new way to navigate and read notifications. Some analysts have bet big on Google Glass, others believe the idea of having futuristic glasses will not pay off to the majority of people in the world.

Google does tout the innovation as the next step in mobile, however some say it is merely a benefactor to mobile, like the smartwatch. Even though Google Glass does not need a mobile to work, most will still want to type out a text reply, instead of answering it through voice recognition on a crowded bus.

Source: 9to5Google