Google in talks to develop an Internet TV service with cable features


Google TV has been a pretty unsuccessful service, some TV hardware companies are still banking on the growth of the service with new products and smart TVs, but we can see the general move away from Google TV happening soon, as more users become unsatisfied with the lacklustre amount of content.

This may be alright for Google though, as new reports detail a new Internet TV service with cable features, similar to what Intel, Sony and Apple are looking to provide. This would allow users to set up packages and flick through channels on the web and possibly on mobile, through a wireless connection.

Google has been trying to redesign television for quite a while now, but with no success. Not only do the content providers like HBO seem distant from the idea, but cable providers like Comcast and Time Warner seem hugely against the idea of losing their power in the TV space.

Recently they have been meeting with the people who could make this happen, giving live demos of the service and trying to appeal to the figures, showing hundreds of millions watching Netflix and other TV/media on the web and on mobile devices. Traditional cable TV is stagnated, but the content still reels in millions.

Via: 9to5Google

Source: WSJ

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