Google Glass Made Clearer With New FAQ

With all the talk about privacy and security concerns right now it’s no wonder that Google has released new FAQ regarding their wearable technology. The new FAQ now gives detailed information on how the device works and how it keeps your information secure and private. It’s divided into four sections namely General Glass questions, Glass Specs questions, Glass Security & Privacy questions, Glass Software questions and aims to clear up questions that people might have.


The most important question so far is with regards to security specifically with its video and camera functionality. Google says that the device has a default setting of capturing video for only ten seconds before stopping. Even if a user overrides this setting the device will only have a battery life of 45 minutes when continuously recording. This means that it can’t take a day’s worth of videos.

Once a video or photo is taken it will be uploaded to the instant folder of the user’s Google+ account. This is a private folder and can’t be seen by the public.

For those concerned that people might be secretly recording them with the Glass some steps taken that serves as a warning. The user must press a button or explicitly say “OK Glass, record a video” before a recording can be made. The light will also light up when a recoding is in progress. As far as facial recognition goes Google has said that there won’t be any such feature coming to the device.

The company also announced that Google Glass will be made available to a wider group of people this year. Next year it will even become broadly available.

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  1. so, will people in FL who notice the ‘record video’ light is on and the wearer is recording them, will they be able to shoot the person and take the ‘stand your ground’ law as a legal defense?

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