Google Earth Crashes in Samsung Galaxy S4

galaxy s4 google earth problem

Some Samsung Galaxy S4 users relayed to us, through The Droid Guy Mailbag, that they are having problems with the Google Earth app. According to them, activating the app causes sudden crashes in their phones and it results to the phone rebooting all by itself moments after.

The Possible Causes of the Problem

Several Samsung Galaxy S4 users have voiced out the same problem in one of Google’s forums. A number of them have said that they started noticing the problem when they updated their Android operating system version to 4.2.2. Others mentioned that they have been encountering the issue since they bought their phones.

However, the problem appears to be a random event since not all Galaxy S4 users are experiencing this. So, it is really hard to pinpoint whether it is caused by the Jelly Bean update or it is just a random glitch in the system.

The Possible Solutions to the Google Earth Crash

Most Galaxy S4 users in the forum solved the issue by simply clearing the cache of their Google Earth app. Resetting app preferences might help fix the issue too if clearing the cache alone fails to work.

The issue may be caused by an incompatible app as well. Try to disable apps that you think are likely causing the problem. You can test the Google Earth app under Safe Mode also. If it works under Safe Mode, then other apps are likely to be hindering the proper function of the Google Earth app.

If the solutions above fail to fix the issue, back up your important data and perform a Factory Reset.

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  1. My google earth stops after 10 seconds,I cant roam it freezes up,this new version is garbage

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