Google Chrome for Android updated with new translation bar


Google has updated the Chrome for Android app with a nifty little feature which makes it that much similar to the desktop version. Users will now see a translation bar every time a foreign language website is visited and will be able to translate the entire page. The update also brings a neat little bandwidth saving feature similar to the Opera browser where images in a website are compressed so that the content loads faster.  Also if you’re a tablet user, the app now allows navigation in full screen mode.

All in all, it seems like Google is steadily making Chrome one of the most loved mobile browsers in the world right now. However, the browser’s compatibility with older versions of Android still remains an area of concern for Google.

Make sure you are on the lookout for an update notification to reap the benefits of this all new browser. It could take a while to appear on your smartphone or tablet depending on your region.

Source: Play Store

Via: Phandroid