Google chairman Eric Schmidt spotted using Moto X in photos

Google chairman Eric Schmidt had been photographed using the hotly-anticipated Moto X smartphone during the Allen and Company’s 31st Annual Media and Technology Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The photos were captured by Insider Images, a stock photography company. Gary He, the company’s director of operation, shared a link to the images on his Twitter account.


Shown in the photos are various angles of the Moto X, confirming some rumors from the avalanche of leaks that arrived within the past few months.

The clearest angle in the set of photos is of the rear panel, since Schmidt is holding the smartphone against his ear. The rear panel appears to be made of white plastic, and sports a dotted, textured pattern. The textured pattern is an interesting detail, since just a couple of days ago, we saw the rear side of the Moto X in black, with a matte finish. Phonearena surmises that perhaps Motorola will allow consumers to personalize even the finish of the smartphone’s rear panel, which would be in line with the company’s heavy emphasis on customization. Meanwhile, below the camera is the Motorola logo, and on its right side, a speaker grille.

As for the smartphone’s profile, it appears to be thicker at the middle part, and slimmer at the left and right sides. The Verge notes that this is a unique element of design that is currently not used by many phone makers. It may serve to be an advantage for the Moto X, which needs to stand out in a sea of similar-looking devices.

The smartphone’s front, for its part, seems to be completely black, from what little is shown in the photos.

Rumors place the launch of the Moto X on Verizon on August 23. If such rumor is correct, then it won’t be long until we get a clearer image of the smartphone for which Google and Motorola will shell out half a billion dollars in promotional costs. Right now, what we seem to have are puzzle pieces that on one hand, may be fun to put together, but on the other, may serve to spoil the surprises that Google and Motorola are preparing.

via the verge, phonearena

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