Google announces Play Games service to take on Game Center


Google is having a pretty busy day with several new announcements being made. After the much anticipated Nexus 7 refresh and the Android 4.3 announcement, Google has also slowly revealed the new Play Games service which was originally shown off at the I/O event back in May. This will let users compete with their friends (Google+) and display leaderboards as well. Comparisons can be drawn between your friends and bragging rights can be earned (or lost) with this new app.

The Android platform has only recently added gaming to its repertoire and that has been mainly due to beefier hardware. But now with deeper software support (Open GL ES 3.0) and newer titles making their way to the Play Store, we can see gaming being taken to a whole new level. Since there is tight integration with Google+, it will even give you data on what people from your circles are playing and offer suggestions based on it, similar to Apple’s Game Center sans the woodiness. The app is being pushed over the course of the day, so it should be spotted on the Play Store relatively soon.

Via: Pocket Lint

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