Girl injured after spontaneous explosion of the Samsung Galaxy S III


A girl from Switzerland has reported that a Samsung Galaxy S III spontaneously exploded in her front pocket, leaving a scar and causing severe damage to the thigh region. The phone in question has fried itself to death, beyond repair. Samsung has apparently taken this matter seriously and is believed to be in process of investigating the true cause of the accident by sending it to South Korea. There’s hardly any report coming through, so foul play cannot be ruled out just yet.

On close inspection, it looks like the battery door of the device is from a third party manufacturer and not Samsung, which raises suspicion about the legibility of her claims. Usually a third party battery door is used for an extended or a replacement battery (not made by Samsung). So if that’s the true cause of the incident, Samsung cannot be held liable for anything.

Let’s just wait for the report to get through, and in the meantime hope the girl heals quickly. Last year we saw a silly user trying to microwave his Galaxy S III and then claim that it exploded on its own. So as far as exploding Samsung phones are concerned, we haven’t had a real case yet.

Source: Android Beat

Via: Phone Arena