Galaxy S4 Shuts Down Randomly – Exploring the Causes and Solutions

Galaxy S4 Shuts Down Randomly

Here is another issue experienced by some Galaxy S4 users. According to an account, one user’s Galaxy S4 shuts down whenever it is left idle. The issue seemed to be present already before the user even had a new OS version installed. Furthermore, he said that he has never dropped his unit before.

Actually there are many things that could be causing this aside from accidental dropping. Let us tackle them here one by one.

Rooted Device

This kind of problem apparently occurs on a rooted device according to the XDADevelopers forum. If this is the cause of the issue, then it is wise to have your phone unrooted to reverse the effects.

Too Many Active Apps

When there are too many apps running in your device, your processor tends to get hot and shut down on its own as well. Thus, disable any app that you are not using to lighten up the load of your system.

Rouge App

Also, you can try putting your phone on a Safe Mode by applying the steps in a previous article. Then, let your device sit idle for a couple of hours or overnight. Observe if the problem still occurs. If the issue does not happen during this period, a rouge app in your device might be causing all the trouble. So, a way to solve this is by uninstalling a suspicious app in your unit.


If any of the solutions above do not work, it might be a good idea to try to restore your Galaxy S4 to its factory settings by applying the steps to hard reset here.

Upon trying everything here and your Galaxy S4 still shuts down randomly, you might be having some problem in its circuitry already. This is manifested by frequent overheating. You should have your battery checked too.

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