Galaxy S4 Problem in Pairing with the Nokia Bluetooth Headset

Galaxy S4 Problem Pairing

There have been numerous complaints about the Galaxy S4 problem in pairing with Nokia Bluetooth headsets. Apparently the issue occurs as an irritating buzz or crackling noise. This is especially true when the volume is tuned high.

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Problem in Pairing with Nokia Bluetooth Headset

The people at Android Central forum and XDA Developers forum tried to tackle this issue before. But none of them seem to agree with its source.

Some of their people say that it is software, app or OS update related while others claim that it is a hardware issue. But both agree that the Galaxy S4 problem with the Nokia headset or headsets from other manufacturers is very prevalent with the GT-I9595 model of the S4 carrying the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

We have also featured a similar story here about the crackling noise when using third-party headset. In that report, Digital Times claimed that aftermarket headphones that possess frequencies lower than 32 are prone to this issue.

But it should be noted that there is one thing that makes the cause of the Galaxy S4 problem when pairing with other headsets hard to pinpoint. That is, some units are capable of working well with third-party headphones even with Nokia. Android Authority bets though that this factor scales down to a hardware issue.

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Problem in Pairing with Nokia Bluetooth Headset

The most recommended solution for the problem is by sticking with the headphones produced by Samsung specifically for the Galaxy S4. It wouldn’t hurt also to check if there are any other apps causing the issue by entering Safe Mode and by trying out your Nokia Bluetooth headset under that setting.

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