Galaxy S4 Bluetooth File Sharing Problems and Solutions

Galaxy S4

Today, we will look at the common problems associated with the file sharing using the Galaxy S4 Bluetooth.

Galaxy S4 File Sharing Via Bluetooth

If you are having trouble using the Galaxy S4 Bluetooth for file sharing, one probable reason is that the other device that you trying to pair may not be authorized by your phone.

To fix this, just follow the steps below:

1. Activate the Bluetooth feature of the device that you want to pair with your Galaxy S4.

2. Using your Galaxy S4, press the Menu button.

3. Proceed to Settings.

4. Go to Connections.

5. Navigate your way to the Bluetooth option.

6. Then, slide the switch to the right of the Bluetooth option to activate it. This will immediately start looking for devices that are Bluetooth enabled. The other devices that it will detect will be listed below the “Available devices” section.

7. Tap the device that you want to pair with your phone.

8. Enter a passkey that will be required by the devices.

9. Locate the file that you wish to send and choose in the Sending options the “Via Bluetooth” command. That’s it, you will now be able to share files using your Galaxy S4 and other devices.

Shared Files Via Bluetooth Not Showing in the Music Player of the Galaxy S4

If the music file that you just shared via Bluetooth is not showing up in the list of your music player, you might only be experiencing a glitch. One way to solve it is by restarting your phone. Another quick solution is by updating the music library of your phone. You can do this by selecting the “Library update” option under the “Music square” section of the music app.

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