Galaxy S4 Audio and Air Gesture Problems: Quick Explanations and Solutions

Galaxy S4 Audio and Air Gesture Problems

Galaxy S4 Audio Problem: Hissing or Cracking Sound During Calls

There are still many who complain about getting hissing or cracking sound during calls.

If you happen to be one of the people experiencing this, check out our previous articles here for solutions and explanations of the problem:

#1 Solution – Check the first item here for the possible causes and solutions for the issue.

#2 Solution – If the problem seems to occur only when on headphones.

In addition to these, some Galaxy S4 users in the Phandroid forum suggest toggling the speakerphone on and off. A number of them say that it usually does the trick.

Others state that by lowering down the volume of your phone you can eliminate the problem. This might be an indication that the trouble could also be a result of a hardware limitation of the device.

Galaxy S4 Air Gestures Stopped Functioning

If the Air Gesture of your Galaxy S4 suddenly stops working, the reasons why you are getting it might be linked to a glitch in the system, rogue app or a recent update.

For a simple glitch, try restarting or performing a soft reset to your device. Another way to fix it is just toggle the Air View as well as the Air Gesture switches of your phone. You can access the Air View and Air Gesture features through the steps presented in our previous article.

Then, you will know if the problem is triggered by a rouge app by starting your Galaxy S4 under Safe Mode using the methods here under the Safe Mode section.

As a last resort, if all else fails, you may want to consider performing a hard reset, which is also known as the factory reset. You can find the steps to do this here under the Other Causes section of the article.

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