Galaxy S3 Problems in Contacts and Bluetooth in Car

galaxy s3 problems

Here are a couple of Galaxy S3 issues that we came across with their respective solutions:

#1 Galaxy S3 Contacts Not Loading After Firmware Update

Some Samsung Galaxy S3 users who updated to the Android 4.1.2 firmware were complaining about their Contacts List freezing or not loading properly.

According to the Phandroid forums, simply clearing out your Contacts Storage or force closing Contacts and Contacts Storage will fix this. If the problem persists, just do a Factory Reset. A Factory Reset is always recommended for people who have updated to a much recent firmware in order to eliminate the old files left behind by the old OS which could cause glitches in some instances.

#2 Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Feature in Car Not Working Well

For Galaxy S3 users who are having problems with their voice commands when pairing their device with the Bluetooth of their cars, you can read the solutions in our previous article covering this subject.

One Galaxy S4 user also told us through Mailbag that her Galaxy S4 voice command is not functioning well when connected through Bluetooth in her 2011 Buick Enclave despite her older devices partnering well with it.

If the unpairing and car radio reset solutions mentioned in the previous article won’t work, this could be related to the Bluetooth version of the car too. It is possible that the much newer Bluetooth version of the Galaxy S4 is no longer supported by the car’s audio deck. So, one way to make it work is by updating the car’s Bluetooth version.

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